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GLPI 9.1.3 (CentOS 6.9)

New install of FusionInventory 9.1+1.0. We try it out every 6 months or so, as a replacement for OCS, but *always* find it too buggy or unreliable. We are hoping it's matured enough for use now!

So, already we are having problems just initiating a simple network discovery.

Followed the steps at 'plugins/fusioninventory/front/menu_snmpinventory.php'

Have a linux agent which checks in to the server fine, and I can access the agent's web server on http://10.11.x.x:62354

It's not 'Locked' and reports back the following:
INVENTORY : v2.3.19

The Network discovery, Computer Inventory and Network inventory (SNMP) modules are all activated on the agent.

I create my IP range and time slot and SNMP communities.
I create the Task and Jobs to begin in, say, 5 mins.

'Job executions' page says it's 'Prepared' and 'Not done yet'.
The agent logs nothing, even in debug mode:
[root@svr-h001463 fusioninventory-agent]# tailf fusioninventory-agent.log
[Sun Apr 30 16:21:25 2017][debug] - ESX: 2.2.2
[Sun Apr 30 16:21:25 2017][debug] - Inventory: 1.1
[Sun Apr 30 16:21:25 2017][debug] - Collect: 2.4.0
[Sun Apr 30 16:21:25 2017][debug] - WakeOnLan: 2.1
[Sun Apr 30 16:21:25 2017][debug] - NetDiscovery: 2.2.2
[Sun Apr 30 16:21:25 2017][debug] - Deploy: 2.2
[Sun Apr 30 16:21:25 2017][debug] - NetInventory: 2.2.2
[Sun Apr 30 16:21:25 2017][debug] Agent daemonized
[Sun Apr 30 16:21:25 2017][debug] [http server] HTTPD service started on port 62354
[Sun Apr 30 16:21:25 2017][info] FusionInventory Agent starting
I wait minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes.... nada.

I'm not using any SSL, proxy or authentication which would complicate the connection.

It's as though the GLPI plugin just isn't running any of the tasks. Where can I check this please?

Thank you!

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I have checked php.ini timezone on the GLPI server and it's correct.

I have checked current date/time on GLPI server and my agent and they're both correct.

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I have checked all the following are installed on my agent:
nmap external command for ICMP support
Net::NBName perl module for NetBios support
Net::SNMP perl module

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I have edited /etc/fusioninventory/agent.cfg on my agent box and added:
tasks = inventory,NetDiscovery,NetInventory,ESX

Restarted the agent daemon.

Still no task getting run.

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In GLPI 'automatic actions' I have the fusioninventory entry 'taskscheduler'.
It's set to run every 1 minute, scheduled, with run mode 'CLI'.
I can see it's log:
2017-04-30 17:35    0.006 seconds       0    Action completed, fully processed
2017-04-30 17:34    0.006 seconds       0    Action completed, fully processed
2017-04-30 17:33    0.009 seconds       0    Action completed, fully processed
2017-04-30 17:32    0.008 seconds       0    Action completed, fully processed
2017-04-30 17:31    0.009 seconds       0    Action completed, fully processed

So it's running. It's just ignoring my actual tasks!

What can I check next please? This is quite annoying.

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Seems to have started working now, but I'm not sure why.

Odd thing now though is that the agent appears to be constantly doing a discovery, over and over.
Do I have to tell it to only do it once?

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Have you right added snmp auth in the IP Range in GLPI?

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Well, the option 'tasks' of FusionInventory Agent is a bit confusing. This information is extracted from FusionInventory Agent Windows Installer 2.3.18 User’s Guide


    It runs given tasks in given order. (By default: '')

    task can be any of the following values:

            Collect task 
            Deploy task 
            ESX task 
            Inventory task 
            Network Discovery task 
            Network Inventory task 
            Wake on LAN task 

    It is possible write ... (three dots) at the end of the list as value of task as synonymous of the rest of tasks. Also, it should be noted that it is possible to indicate the same task more than once.

I usually use tasks this way (note the last three dots at the end):


This says. First do Inventory, then Deploy task, then Inventory task again, and then the others tasks the agent supports.

The problem with tasks option is that whether you include a task as its value, for example, 'Inventory', Inventory task will be the only executed task, unless '...' be the last value of tasks option.


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Re: Task stuck prepared

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