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Hello all

I have followed all available instructions to deploy packages to networked machines, however the targeted systems do not seem to get the package(s).

I am running GLPI 9.1.2 with Fusion Inventory 9.1.+1.1 on a Raspberry pi 3 on my local network. Agents already installed on all machines and they all report their configuration to the server.

The only issue I am facing is to get the package deployment module to work as expected.

I create a task to deploy the package, schedule it to run and target specific systems through an agent, however the targeted systems do not seem to receive the package(s). This is of course after creating the package under the package deployment menu of FusionInventory.

Is there a detailed document that would explain the correct procedure to deploy packages in a mixed environment (Win 10, Mac OS X, and Linux), (without AD on the windows side)? My main aim is to manage the deployment of updates and new packages to my networked machines.

Any help would be appreciated

PS: great piece of Open Source Software.

Re: Package Deployment issue

Ok, it's in french language, but may be you could understand it ?

Re: Package Deployment issue


I have recently been able to put it to work (last week and only on Windows), after having a lot of "little" problems.

Increasing log level (level 1 or even better level 2) helped me a lot.

I use windows registry for Agent Settings.
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\FusionInventory-Agent -> debug ([as far as I know] possible Values -> 0, 1, 2)

Could you be more specific about your problems?

Thanks in Advance,
Jose Luis

(GLPI 9.1.3 & FusionInventory 9.1+1.0)

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asko wrote:

Ok, it's in french language, but may be you could understand it ?

it will help you and try opening the thread into chrome browser and right click on the screen and click on translate into English. You'll be able to read it.