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There's a couple of issues with discovery that create a lot of work to clean up:

1) The match for snmp models seems to be a bit too strict.  As an example, we have a number of cisco 3560's and 3550's and there are several different snmp models in fusioninventory that cover 3550/3560 models.  None of them match the switches during the scan.  Since the cisco mib is pretty much the same for these (at least for what glpi is collecting), shouldn't there just be one model that matches the model number string only?

2) If you force the model to be one of the 3550/3560 models, the next run collects all the data, including port connections, then sets the model back to the default one (73 something).  This happens every time the scan runs.  If I set the model manually I expect it to stay set...

3) the unknown devices show the ip and mac address on the connections tab, but the ip and mac fields on the listing and fusion snmp pages are empty (sometimes the ip is populated, but I've yet to see the mac address be populated.  This results in devices not being linked to existing devices and in some cases the devices get imported as a new device every time the scan runs.  This is especially problematic with our cisco phones, as they all exist in glpi but the linking doesn't work because fusioninventory is not correlating the connection info from the switch with the existing device.

Re: unknown devices

1/ For different firmware on same model, oid can be not the same, that's why you have not a unique model, to add model see … g_snmpwalk

2/ If it put a model it's because it's the model associated. If this model isn't good, send snmpwalk (like 1/) and what problem you have on it

3/ It's a problem not yet fixed :

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Re: unknown devices

I guess what I don't understand for #1 is that there is an OID which is just the cisco model number independent of the software revision, and another which is just the software revision.  Why does there need to be a separate model defined in fusioninventory for the same hardware model number?  If you are basing the model on hardware + software, then we have to add a new snmp model for every single revision of the software, and the inventory will break with each new release of Cisco IOS.  For example, in my environment I have 10 cisco 3550's which all inventory perfectly well with 1642003.xml.  However, none of them match the software version, so every inventory it reverts back to 713572.xml which is a Wyse device...

In the meantime, I've tried copying 1642003.xml, changing the <name>, <key> (incremented by 1) and <comments> lines to match the output from sysdescr on the switches, but they still aren't being detected properly.

Re: unknown devices

Sorry to bring up an old thread, but it appears this is still working the same way. Is there no way to simply modify a model which works for something that is not being detected (like the example of the 3550's above) or to lock the model so that it doesn't get overwritten at the next discovery?

I've got five snmpwalks I can send for new/updated models, but they all inventory just fine with the existing model(s) so I'd hate for you to have to spend time on adding models if it isn't necessary...

Secondly, scans occasionally find IP's that belong to already imported devices, but for whatever reason, can't associate with the proper device (a good example would be a lights-out management card in a server or an external IP on a router/switch that doesn't respond to snmp), is there a way to manually associate an unknown device with an existing device... sort of like you can associate an agent with an existing computer?

Should I submit a feature request for the locking of models and / or associating unknown devices with existing devices?