Topic: error Fusioninventory agent + proxy squid

Good afternoon, I am presenting an inconvenience with the agent of Fusioniventory Although in the configuration I write the proxy data, it generates the following error and it does not carry out the inventory:

Communication error: 407 Proxy authentication required

I'm using a squid proxy with ldap authentication

Re: error Fusioninventory agent + proxy squid

Hi jl.marcano,

the error here should be self-explained : your proxy tells the agent it must authenticate itself to the proxy server. You may have missed something in the proxy configuration.

If you think your setup is as expected, you may provide us an agent journal dump. Could you tell us at the same time you agent version and on which operating system it is installed ? You should try to enable --debug option (eventually 2 times) while checking agent journal, so we don't miss any debug information.