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Hello all

A question where I've been looking for, but where I can't find a clear answer to.

We have a total of about 5000 clients in 20 locations. We use a central GLPI server where all the agents report to. Now they only report once a day but we'd like to increase that to once an hour. We've also started testing SMNP discovery and inventory.

If we add all that up, that's a lot of reporting to that central GLPI server. I'd like to bundle that. 1 Master Agent per VLAN on each location that does a SMNP scan and reports back to the central GLPI server. But I'd also like to include the inventory of the clients in that Master report.

In my test-environment I have a couple of switches and clients. All clients have a Fusioninventory Agent, all but one do a local inventory. The last one (the master) does a Netdiscovery and Netinventory and reports to the remote GLPI server. At this time it gives me the hostnames of the clients but not their inventory. Is it possible with the current GLPI and FI to get the inventory to this Master Agent and have only him send a report to the remote GLPI server?

Re: Master Agent

Hi Benoit_G,

I understand you're talking about master agent acting as a proxy agent. This is feature I want to implement for next 3.0 major release and you may expect it for next year.

To respond to your case, you still can implement more complex agent configuration and play with the "fusioninventory-injector" script. Here is what I'm thinking about for your purpose:
- clients makes local inventory using local target or fusioninventory-inventory script
- clients directly uploads this local inventory to master in a dedicated place:
   - you can automaticaly do FTP or SSH transfer
   - you can also save inventory in a network disk (Samba, NFS or whatever) shared by the master
- each hour, a master can start the fusioninventory-injector script to upload to server any inventory found in the expected place

I agree I real and integrated proxy system would be better simpler to manage.