Topic: Computer's company ID


We're new using Fusion, we started at 01/02/2018, and we're facing a situation here.

We have a company numeber to identify the computers, let's call it id lol, it's a 14 chars number. We can't put it on the computers name because of other infomations needed to be there, so the problem is: which field can we use to add this id in a way that technicians can do a search using this number when adding a new ticket?

We thought the best place to do this was the computer description (SO comentary at fusion), but it's not a searchable field, so it does not help us...

So, the first solution that we need is a fusion field that we can use and that is searchable.

But we have a second problem.

We have some remote places, and in those places the technicians just use images to format the computer, they don't work too much on those computers like configurations, so the fusion agent is already pre installed, what means that they can't change the TAG field (all right they can use the regedit, but well, they can't lol). So we requested them to use the computer's description.

So we need a rule, or something like that, to auto fill the chosen field with this SO comentary automatically