Topic: group software automatically


I have a problem when performing automatic software inventory through fusion inventory 9.2+2.0. in the software section there is software considered as different, separated in two different elements but that really it's the same software. For example:

Advanced IP Scanner 2.4    Famatech    2.4.3021    Windows    1    0

Advanced IP Scanner 2.5    Famatech    2.5.3233    Windows    1    0

The goal is to group the software, renaming it to generic and grouping both to achieve this:

Advanced IP Scanner      Famatech    2.4.3021    Windows    2    0

I don't see how I can do this with the rules (Administration-Rules) because all this rules can't change software name or software manufacturer id

I know that to group software they have to have the same software name and manufacturer id but I want to know if there is some chance to group that's not manually (by dictionary rules like have OCS plugin) because we have huge amount of software