Topic: Perl.exe memory leak?


We have installed fusioninventory-agent on our server and we experiencing memory leak problems with Perl.exe process. This running process keep 1.4 Go of RAM and more on servers, it’s extremely high! FusionInventory running as service on all our PCs/Servers.

The problem seems to occur only on our servers, on desktop PCs we don’t have this problem. Process maintains 7 Mo - 20 Mo of RAM on its.

The last version not seem to fix this problem. I try to put the agent in extra debug mode 2 in agent.cfg file but I find nothing abnormal. Perl.exe process just consume memory even if there is no inventory in progress.

Current installed version: FusionInventory Agent 2.3.19
Version of Windows affected: Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012 R2

Anybody experiencing the same problem?

Re: Perl.exe memory leak?

I noticed this issue when starting upgrading to 2.3.18 :
- memory leaks
- hang of agent due to multithreads Perl
(see my case … issues/173).

After severals test, it seemed corrected with 2.3.19-rc.
But when I try to test my migration in production (official 2.3.19), multithread errors was still present :

unexpected error in FusionInventory::Agent::Task::Inventory::Win32::Videos: Thread already detached at C:\Program Files\FusionInventory-Agent/perl/agent/FusionInventory/Agent/Tools/ line 756.

I recently tested with 2.3.20-rc (not last 2.3.20). Still the same.
Memory leaks seems different. No leak of memory in WorkingSet but still in VirtualMemorySize and PagedMemorySize.
=> I do  : Get-Process -Name Perl