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Topic: How to connect fusioninventory agent through HTTPS to server

I'm recking my head, how to connect fusioninventory agent through HTTPS to server?
I got the errors:

[http client] communication error: 500 Can't connect to glpi.company.ru:443
[Wed Mar 14 10:00:37 2018][error] No answer from server at https://glpi.company.ru/glpi/plugins/fusioninventory/

How to set ca-cert-dir and ca-cert-file ?
I have crashed agent if I enter the full path to my certificat path ca-cert-file: ex, C:\Program Files\FusionInventory-Agent\certs\glpi.crt

My server has setted to work through HTTPS. I don't find information in the Internet.

GLPI 9.2.2, FusionInventory for GLPI 9.2+2.0-RC1, FusionInventory-Agent 2.4
Ubuntu 16.04.4, Apache 2.4.18, PHP 7.0.25, MySQL 5.7.21

Re: How to connect fusioninventory agent through HTTPS to server

Hi techobsl,

the error "No answer from server at https://glpi.company.ru/glpi/plugins/fusioninventory/" means the agent can't access the given URL.

First of all can you confirm you can access this URL from a navigator installed on the platform you want to install the agent ?

After that, if this doesn't help, you should open an admin console, "cd" to the FusionInventory agent folder, and start the following one-line command:

fusioninventory-agent.bat --config=none --debug --debug --logger=stderr --server=https://glpi.company.ru/glpi/plugins/fusioninventory/

Of course, you should fix the url to match your server one.
You'll then obtain a debug2 output on the console with useful information you can report here.

You should also try setting the --ca-cert-file option with the full path to your CA certificate file.

One point can you confirm your CA certificate file is in PEM format ? This is a text format file looking like this: