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Topic: Agent - Unable to contact agent


I have two computers with Windows Agent installed.
Ocorred an error to used 'inventory forced' in menu.

In 'Home' -> 'Actives' -> 'Computers' -> Select the Computer.
The selected Computer information shows: status -> The agent could not be contacted.

I have 2 Machines with Active Firewall and Antivirus installed.
Machine 01 recognizes and I can force this path into the GLPI that I mentioned above. Machine 02 reports that the agent could not be contacted.

I can access the Machine 01 by the browser when I put the IP: 62354
When I do the same process to access Machine 02 by the browser I do not have access.
I make these accesses for the machine responsible for the inventory.

Antivirus is the same version and is configured the same way.
I do not believe that the problem is the antivirus prevented from using 'inventory forced'.

Is it some inactive Windows service?
Thank you!