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Topic: Stressing out with import rules

Hello everyone,

I've been assigned the task to change our inventory software from spiceworks to GLPI. I am talking on a 1500 devices infrastructure.

I've been playing around with it but I have some problems.

My setup is a ubuntu vm  with GLPI installed and currently 1 machine with an windows agent full install.
In the future I'll have about 16 of these, 1 across each site, so that the netdiscovery and snmp inventory is done by them.

I've setup a task for netdiscovery on the site the agent is in but I ain able to import anything for GLPI. I know this might be related to import rules, i'm currently using the default ones.

The only way I have to import, let's say a print via snmp inventory, is by adding manually a printer and give it the ip address of the right one. Then on the next scan it will create another asset on the printers with the right data.

Is this suppose to be correct? Spiceworks used to work differently. if it finds something on the network it adds it and then we would have to correct the item.

maybe I'm trying to replicate the works of spiceworks on glpi and that may not be possible.

My idea would be that glpi adds the computers it finds and then when we deploy the agent on them they are updated with all the data the inventory provides for example

Re: Stressing out with import rules

For the SNMP it's the right behavior, networkdiscovery to get very few data (name, serial, ip) and after do network inventory to get all the data.

For the computers / servers, install the agent on each

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