Topic: package deployment -- am i doing it wrong?

here are my steps to organize package deployment via FI on windows workstations:

1. create a package:

* no files (as i understand, you'd have to specify a command anyway, so it's much easier without files)

* installing is done via command from a network share

* a couple of checks if ".exe" file doesn't exists. unfortunately, windows env variables aren't working in those checks, so i had to specify absolute paths ("C:\Program Files\..." and "C:\Program Files (x86)\..."). if file doesn't exist, then proceed, else skip.

2. create a task.

3. create a FI computer group. haven't had much luck with static groups, but dynamic group will do.

4. create a job for a package.

it's all fine and dandy, the package (Pandion IM, in this case) is installed correctly. however i have a small problem, that this job is never considered "finished" for any of the computers, it periodically re-runs. other than my OCD tingling, it's a bit inconvenient, because i have to deactivate the task every time i need to edit a package.

so, am i doing it wrong? or it is fine?