Topic: FusionInventory for Windows CE

Hello everyone,

I wanted to know if you had found / developed a *.cab install, in order to make a clean install on PDAs with Windows CE 7.

I am looking to install it on "optical touchpad" of warehouses, in order to follow the inventory of these PDAs.

In the contrary case, would there be a charitable soul, to help me in the creation of this one?

Thank you for your feedback


Re: FusionInventory for Windows CE

Hi Caerwyn,

I developed such a client for a Teclib client. And I recently updated it to make it run on some WinCE7 devices.

It is named "glpi-wince-agent". It is available on github:

You can download the latest release from the release page:

It doesn't support as many things as the fusioninventory-agent but it tries to inventory some mandatory informations like serialnumber or Device uniq ID, but also MAC address and IP address...

Give it a try ;-)