Topic: /plugins/fusinvdeploy/ajax/lib/extjs... is using "Short Open Tag"

I notice that for the "fusioninventory-for-glpi-metapackage_0.80_1.1-BETA2.tar.gz", the fusinvdeploy libraries:

has a 2 php files that is using "short_open_tag" format. (that is, the php file is start with "<?", instead of "<?php")
The files are:

Correct me if i'm wrong, most of the Linux PHP 5 setting, it restrict using "short_open_tag". (configured in php.ini). Because of that, when clicking the add file in "Files to copy to computer" and  click "The server", followed by clicking the browse icon, the apache error log file will show this error:
PHP Fatal error:  Call to undefined function get_directory_contents() in /my_web/glpi/plugins/fusinvdeploy/ajax/ on line 53, referer: http://my-glpi-server/glpi/plugins/fusinvdeploy/front/package.form.php?id=1

When the browse dialog box is open, it shows empty directory or empty content.

Another error message registered in apache error log file is this:
File does not exist: /my_web/glpi/plugins/fusinvdeploy/pics/ext/extensions/.png, referer: http://my-glpi-server/glpi/plugins/fusinvdeploy/front/package.form.php?id=1

This one, I not sure coming from where.

Re: /plugins/fusinvdeploy/ajax/lib/extjs... is using "Short Open Tag"

Thanks fixed wink

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