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Unable to get RuiJie switch PORT details - KongNan - 2020-09-22

After performing Network discovery and Network inventory, RuiJie switches can be seen in Network Equipment. I can only see the management port, but no other **physical ports**. (When we use the H3C switch, we can see all the ports, and we can comfortably see the Trunc port and even related computers)

We ran the Network inventory tool with the --debug parameter, and manually mapped to RuiJie's S2910-48GT4XS-E in the sysobjects.ids file (RuiJie does not provide OID codes, only by guesswork).

No matter whether we add the above line or not, using the command line debug of Network inventory can **always return XML**, from which we can see the MAC and Connection status (such as IP) of each physical port.

But no matter what, I can't see this important information in Network Equipment. We need them for further work, what can we do?

Thanks for any help! _Sorry for my bad English_.

[BEGIN] fusioninventory-netinventory --host --credentials version:2c,community:ABCDEF123456 --debug

[debug] creating 1 worker threads
[debug] [thread 1] creation
[debug] [thread 1] scanning 0
[debug] full match for sysobjectID . in database
[debug] [thread 1] termination

`<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
        <COMMENTS>Ruijie 10G Ethernet Switch(S2910-48GT4XS-E) By Ruijie Networks</COMMENTS>
        <FIRMWARE>S29_RGOS 11.4(1)B12P11</FIRMWARE>

see attachment for details...

RE: Unable to get RuiJie switch PORT details - gbougard - 2020-10-16

HI KingNan,

first of all, it seems to me you're still using agent 2.4.1. Please upgrade to latest version an try again.