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Automatic jobs - eudelio - 2020-11-03

I would like to know if I can schedule fusioninventory jobs. I wan to make something to avoid the manual launch of each network job.

Thanks in advance.

RE: Automatic jobs - gbougard - 2020-11-06

Hi eudelio,

the short answer is "yes", the long one is "read the doc ;-)".

RE: Automatic jobs - eudelio - 2020-11-12

(2020-11-06, 11:53:32)gbougard Wrote: Hi eudelio,

the short answer is "yes", the long one is "read the doc ;-)".

Thanks, but, you could send me the documentatio's url for automatic jobs?

RE: Automatic jobs - gracieanderson - 2020-11-26

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RE: Automatic jobs - WoodrowJiles - 2021-01-05

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