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Network task schedule doesn't work - eudelio - 2020-11-19

Hello all,

I'm having a problem trying to schedule a network discovery and make it automatically.
I created a network task as the attached image.

I want that the network discovery task is prepared at 8:00 on Thursdays, but the task never flows to the preparation stage.
I setup the cron in my GLPI server to execute the fusion inventory agent every minute.

Why the task never transitions to the prepared status?.

I really don't understand how work preparation task slot, execution tasks slot, schedule start and schedule end

RE: Network task schedule doesn't work - WebGreg - 2020-12-01


You showed us Task management tab, but what did you set in Job configuration?

What is your agent address? Does the agent page open to you? The address is http://ip:port and you should see something like this:

And check you agent log.