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Agent version 2.3.17 - yigit - 2015-11-25


La version de mes agents inventory est la 2.3.16, je voudrais savoir si la version 2.3.17 apporte des changements et s'il est nécessaire d'avoir cette version.

Agent version 2.3.17 - calamarz - 2015-11-25

Quelques infos sur le site apres je n'en sais pas plus:

There has been a long delay since 2.3.16 release, almost 7 months. As a consequence, a large number of bug fixes have been accumulated, some of them fixing long-standing issues, such as:

multi-threading issues under Windows for netdiscovery and netinventory tasks
recurrent timeout under MacOSX for inventory task

They are also notable enhancements, such as better VLAN retrieval for non-Cisco devices, or support for Kyocera printers page counters. As well as a brand new Collect task, much more flexible than inventory for retrieving arbitrary information from your assets.