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Missing /plugins/fusioninventory/front/wizard.php - DazDavid - 2016-06-14


I have about 800 Clients running fine with FusionInventory Agent for Windows 2.3.17 and also Linux Agent. Unfortunatelly There is one Windows 7 Client now, which cannot communicate with the Server. The Server URL I added is http://SERVER-FQDN/glpi/plugins/fusioninventory which works without problems on all other Clients.

[Tue Jun 14 10:53:09 2016][error] [http client] communication error: 404 Not Found
[Tue Jun 14 10:53:09 2016][error] No answer from the server at C:\Program Files\FusionInventory-Agent\perl\agent/FusionInventory/ line 274.

According to the log the Clients receives a 404 when he contact the server and indeed, I receive the same error if I try to open the Link in a Browser because it refers to a PHP File that does not exist: /plugins/fusioninventory/front/wizard.php

Apache Error Log:
C:/xampp/htdocs/glpi/plugins/fusioninventory/front/wizard.php' not found or unable to stat, referer: http:/SERVER/glpi/plugins/fusioninventory/

Any Idea why that php file is missing and why the index.php refers to? Is that a normal behavour?

Missing /plugins/fusioninventory/front/wizard.php - ddurieux - 2016-06-14

What version of plugin FusionInventory you have ?

Missing /plugins/fusioninventory/front/wizard.php - DazDavid - 2016-06-23