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Maintaining a GLPI CMDB database automatically

I have a new job for a few days now and they using GLPI (version 9.1.6) for CMDB. 
I'm new to GLPI. As far as understand now this is populated by hand! And I can tell this far more than 10 items! So I think we don't must go along on with this.

I was thinking about scripting so that the database is automatically maintained.

A colleque pointed me to fusionInventory. If I read the documentation than this is a plugin for GLPI, right?

As said the GLPI database is already populated. Now I'm asking myself how can we go furthe without making a mess of the exiting datar:
1.   install the fusionInventory plugin on the GLPI server, I think?
2.   Do we also have to install a kind of client/agent on all the hardware items like: PC's, Servers, OS, Applications, Databases, Switches, Routers, so that the GLPI/fusionInventory can communicate with the hardware pieces? Or is it possible that this plugin sniffer the network and everything what it finds will be written to the GLPI database? (Or is this a stupid idea by 'sniffering'?)
3.   And how or were is defined/configured what will be retrieved like: server name, firmware, application(s) running on that server, licence, etc. etc. etc.?

As I said, I'm new to GLPI and I try to find a way, fast and convince people that we have todo it on another way, to populate the GLPI database.

Hi Nico,

yes the first step to you is to install the plugin. Anyway, I encourage you to do that in a test environment and after having restored your prod database in that test environment. You would even want to try to upgrade GLPI as 9.1.6 version is quite old.

After that you have to install fusioninventory-agents on computer setting up a "server" url so they will push their inventory on a regular basis. About switches and routers, if they supports SNMP, you may want to configure some NetDiscovery and NetInventory tasks in the plugin. Theses tasks will ask an agent you'll have to select to do SNMP requests and prepare devices inventories. Check the online documentation to learn how to use NetDiscovery and NetInventory.

If you still have assets, they won't be updated unless their UUID or S/N is still set and will match the one found in the real device. So you may have to merge some manually your asset datas at some time.

Good luck

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