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agent's information does not transported to server
good day,

SCENARIO: We are currently suffering inventory problem with our assets, there are computers which have many duplication and worse is the number of duplicated pcs are increasing everytime new computer is added.

ASSUMPTION: So i planned to update our versions, from 2012 GLPI and Plugin versions to what is now the latest GLPI and Plugin versions. Maybe this could be the answers the duplication problem.

We have the database which is restored too, so therefore the new version of GLPI 0.84.5 is having a database which was used during the GLPI version 0.83.6.

after i successfully installed the GLPI with the ( restored ) previous database. I add the latest plugin version of fuisonInventory for GLPI ( 0.84+2.2). Going to the agent's PC, i installed the latest fusionInventory-agent 2.3.8 (for x64 ) and fusionInventory-agent 2.3.6 ( for x86 ) ....


PROBLEM: The current Agent's information doesn't shows in the ASSETS -> COMPUTER however when i look its info in PLUGIN -> FUSIONINVENTORY -> GENERAL -> AGENTS MANAGEMENT it shows that fusioninventory was conducted ... also i look in the database in the GLPI_COMPUTER table the date modified field was changed, therefore the "force inventory" conducted to the agent's computer done a change in the server side.. but why it did not shows the details that must be showing up.

The current Agent's information doesn't shows in the ASSETS -> COMPUTER => not understand, you see no computer here but you can see the computer by the menu PLUGIN -> FUSIONINVENTORY -> GENERAL -> AGENTS MANAGEMENT ?
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hi sir,

i see computer agents in the ASSETS -> COMPUTER however the agent contains the previous data. for example previous AGENT 'A' runs on windows xp but currently it was updated to windows 7,... if we force an inventory in the agent's side, the data wont transported to the GLPI server successfully it would only retain what its previous data is... however in the PLUGIN -> FUSIONINVENTORY -> GENERAL -> AGENTS MANAGEMENT it says that the agent was contacted with recent fusion inventory activity.

was the retaining of the previous data in GLPI of AGENT A and did not change to what is currently its running because of the data already registered in the database, short to say, it did not replicate the old data with the new data.

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