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Fusion inventory on GLPI /Ubuntu 14.04.1
Hi there,
I am new to the forum and of course I have a problem to ask help for.
I have installed on Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS the version 0.84.3 of GLPI (from ubuntu repository: sudo apt-get install glpi). No problem, glpi it's working fine.
Then from ubuntu repository I tried to in install fusioninventory (sudo apt-get install fusioninventory-for-glpi). Setup went fine, reboot the server, login with glpi and...
under setup->plugin nothing!

I check the folder /var/www/html/glpi/plugins: there are not plugins at all.

Ok, go the old way. I downloaded from fusioninventory.org the package fusioninventory-for-glpi_0.84+2.2.tar.gz, gunzip, tar...seems better! Now I got a folder under plugins.
Login to glpi (user glpi) ->setup -> plugins...nothing to install!!

I forgot something?

Why use an old version (fusioninventory-for-glpi_0.84+2.2.tar.gz)? the last stable is the 0.84+3.3

Perhaps it's not the right folder of GLPI (sometimes on some systems it's in /usr/share/glpi)
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Hi dduriex,
thanks for your reply.

Good questions....I dont know. I will give a try then.

I will check for the setup path aso.

Thanks again
Hi dduriex,
so downloaded both latest version of GLPI and Fusioninventory. Up and running! Great.
I have also installed agent for win7 64bit, and it's working great.
I cannot say the same for windows 8.1: it's running, same parameter of win7, but no info sento to glpi.

Any suggestion?


see in debug log file
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DCS official PARTNER: dcs.glpi@dcsit-group.com

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