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Problems with netdiscovery

I'm totally lost. I'm running fusioninventory-netdiscovery and it shows me an XML. I save this to disk. I'm running fusioninventory-injector and it says

Loading manual/netdiscovery/

BUT then I check in GLPI, and I see and entry in 'Equipment ignored list' - how can I find out WHY? I know about the 'rule test', but it's totally unclear to me how the entries from the XML map agains the fields in the tester. For example, I see an XML tag ('IP') holding the IP address, and a field 'MAC' holding the MAC address, but in 'Test Rules engine' I see an entry for 'Asset > Network port > MAC' and 'Asset > Network port > Port number' etc. pp. - how are they mapped?

When I set the most logical fields from the XML still all the tested rules show 'no' and the result is 'Validation Yes' - what does this mean?

Thank you for any help, hints or pointers to documentation on these topics.

Best regards,

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