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Install fusioninventory-agent_windows-x86_2.3.18
Hi. We had installed a GLPI server and the Fusion Inventory plugin.
Then we want to deploy the agent on computers with Windows 7.
We execute the following script:
\\SRV017\deploy\fusioninventory_x86.exe /S /acceptlicense /add-firewall-exception /execmode=Service /installtask=Inventory /installtype=from-scratch /server="" /runnow


\\SRV017\deploy is the server share with read permissions for all.

The result is null. It does not install anything.

Variants attempted:

- Change the share by a local folder
- Do not include switch /S
- Do not include the switch /add-firewall-exception (because it is not implemented according to the documentation FusionInventory Agent Windows Installer 2.3.18, User’s Guide by Tomás Abad Gómez-Pastrana)
- Change the IP address of the GLPI server by its DNS name

In all cases, the result is the same: nothing.

When we do not use /S, after windows requests permissions to install, a screen is displayed to choose the installation language and then the help page is displayed. There everything ends, without having installed absolutely nothing.

If we run the agent without a command line, it works fine.

We are baffled and we would like you to help us.

Thank you very much.

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