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Scanning client computers and report output

I've already had posted this to GLPI's forum, unfortunately, no response.  Hoping it will be different here.

Anyways, I have Fusion Inventory plug-in installed and have an agent deployed (only on 2 computers at this moment of testing).  Will it be possible to report the following:
   - Device health (like HDD experiencing problem--reaching capacity, SMART failing status, etc)
   - Server or network device offline
   - Out-of-date programs, (virus) definitions and windows updates
   - Files present in client computers (like videos saved)

I've previously used Spiceworks in my previous companies and it reports health of devices in the user home portal as well as generate an email report for such.

Hopefully, it will also be possible.

Thank you in advance!


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Scanning client computers and report output - by buruguduy - 2019-09-24, 06:37:45

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