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Ignoring publisher when importing software
Is there anyway when importing data that the publisher be ignored when matching software? 

For example, if I have a Windows 7 computer and I import the XML file into GLPI, the operating system and the other software is added, or if the software already exist, its applied to whats there (adding version if needed).  But a day later, I assign publishers to the software I imported. Now comes the need to re-import the same computer with updated software on it... but ALL the software is again added because the software I assigned publishers to is now considered different. Though in reality I only installed 2 new pieces of software. Why should the others be re-added? 
Also, if a come along and import a new machine and it has some of the same software as my previous entry, since those have different publisher data. Instead of being grouped/associated with the them, they are brand new software entries.

Anyone have any ideas?

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Ignoring publisher when importing software - by tomway - 2019-12-13, 20:36:34

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