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Ignoring publisher when importing software
(2019-12-13, 22:06:49)ddurieux Wrote: It's normal, the software criteria is the name + the publisher, so if these 2 fields not found it create a new software

Thanks for your response.  I would encourage you to consider the option of changing how this is handled in the future.
After some code changes, I was able to remove the publisher requirement. It now matches on just the name.
I also had to solve the problem with operating systems hack you had in the code, I added the service pack information to the name and removed it from the comments.
I found several places where both Windows 7 (without the service pack) and Windows 7 SP1 were rolled into the same entry, only to have the comments say "Service Pack 1" which is extremely misleading to users.
Although I don't have the extra time right now, this will work for me. However my hope would be to have the code functioning in the following manner:
* If the entry being imported has a publisher, look for a match on both, if no match is found, then look for a match just on name... if no match, then add new.

Thanks again!

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