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Confused about SNMP Network Inventory
Hi Everyone,

I have just installed GLPI + FusionInventory and I've already fallen in love with what these two can do. Big Grin

But I'm still confused regarding SNMP net Inventory Blush , I managed to set it up and my network devices are all being imported succesfully but my questions are?

- What's the frequency of SNMP requests? When I check my network devices I see that 'Last SNMP Inventory' is up to the current time, so I guess it's updating every minute, is there a way I can change that?
- Does all updates go by the agent that I set up first?
- After the end time of the Net Inventory Job, does the Network Devices Inventory Update stop?
- Is there a way to have no end time for a job so it's always active?

Thank you for your help, I'm really confused

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