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Agent is syncing but now Assets show up...
Hi all,

I am new to glpi and Fusioninventory and I need some assistance.

Plugin Version: Glpi 9.4+2.4
Agent Version: 2.4 and 2.5.2

I successfully added two clients to GLPI over the Fusioninventory Agent. Both of them use the Version 2.4 of the Agent.
They are visible in the Section Administration - FusionInventory - General - Asset Management. In Addition, they directly showed up under Assets - Computers.

I have two more clients, both running version 2.5.2 (WIN & Mac) of the Plugin and they also show up under Administration - FusionInventory - General - Asset Management.
The Problem here is that they are missing under Assets - Computers, I even checked if they got put somewhere else besides Computers but can’t find them.

Can someone of you help me with this, probably, small issue?
Let me know if you need any additional information!

Thank you in Advance
Hi gaseXD,

from the "Administration - FusionInventory - General - Asset Management", do you have the "Computer link" column ? If not, add it clicking on the key to update default view.

Then do you see anything in that column for these 2 computers ? If not, check the "Administration - FusionInventory - Rules - Asset skipped during import" panel to see if the plugin denied their import.

Eventually, check the trash in "Assets - Computers", in the case you put them in the trash earlier and forgot to empty it.

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