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Import ESX VM's details

1. I installed GLPI server with agent in the following configuration:
- Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS
- PHP 7.2, Perl 5.26
- GLPI 9.4.4 + FusionInventory 2.3
- installed all perl, php dependencies from the README of
- on the same GLPI server I installed also the FusionInventory-Agent-2.5.2 from .deb packages with all required dependencies, following:
- internal test of GLPI shows that all dependencies are met

2. I enabled the 'VMware host remote inventory' task on server and fusion-agent.
3. The task is running and bring summary info of the ESX host and for the VM's hosted in below format:

      CentOS 7.7.1908 (core) Template

4. Could we obtain more info regarding OS, software installed inside VM's through this task ?
5. There is any other setting that we can do to increase the info level regarding above task? 
    OpenVMwareTools are installed on each VM

Thanks very much!
Hi Marius,

the goal of ESX task is to list available VMs on a VMWare ESX. Then if you need more informations, you'll have to install agent into the OS itself. As host and VM will report the same UUID you'll see them linked under the virtualization panel of a given computer into GLPI. This permits to navigate easily between ESX host & VMs.

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