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Multiple network endpoint on management port of HP Switch
After running Fusioninventory agent on several network switches in our network, I have got most of them (at least all those that connected to each other) have a lot of endpoint devices entries (PCs, phones, printers etc) connected to a management port of the inventoried switch (HP Switches, ex Procurve).  So, my question is it a normal situation, or probably an agent retry all learned MACs from a switch and bind it to that device (that MACs were learned from) and so on on all inventoried devices? 
Thanks for any help.
[Image: devices-on-managemnt-port-of-switch.jpg]
production: GLPI 9.4.5 + Fusioninventory Plugin 9.4+2.4+ OSC NG 2.7 (Centos7) + FusionInventory agent 2.5.2 64-bit (Windows7)
Hi maltyx,

this is normal. The agent is only reporting what a switch knows from its LLDP, CDP or EDP tables. The agent won't retry switch learned MAC. The connection in GLPI is only possible when the other device also provides an inventory with at least its MAC address.

Now, I see your signature... It seems you're using no more supported software versions... PLEASE, upgrade, upgrade, upgrade, upgrade.... UPGRADE ! or update your signature if it is outdated ;-)
You can at least use latest agent, it is still compatible with so outdated GLPI+FusionInventory versions, as the XML format has not been changed. The latest is 2.5.2 and works on windows 7. Since 2.3.15, a lot of stuff has been fixed regarding netinventory, so you may benefit of an upgrade.
Hi gbougard,

Thank you for your reply. I am sorry for some disinformation about our environment.. my signature was outdated (I have been away from that forum for some years Smile
I understand, that an agent is reporting information retrieved from SNMP query on a network switch, how exactly the agent query a network switch for connected devices? LLDP and CDP query could not provide that kind info, that I see connected on Management interface of the switch... Inventory XML file does not contains such MACs also.. , so I am a bit confused how to debug my inventory task. Could you please advise where to look for an answer?
Thank you very much.
production: GLPI 9.4.5 + Fusioninventory Plugin 9.4+2.4+ OSC NG 2.7 (Centos7) + FusionInventory agent 2.5.2 64-bit (Windows7)

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