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Importing ESX information into GLPI
Good afternoon,

I have a question concerning the import of VMWare information into GLPI. This works fine for me, as long as I do not try to make use of the autocreation of 'Computer Assets'. However, as I'd like to have each VM listed as a 'Computer' asset I've been setting this option to 'Yes'.

Now, some machines are generating duplicates. I do not know how exactly these are being created, but it seems the Import Rules are being ignored. As I've explicitly placed rules at the top to prevent machines from being pushed into the database when the associated name is already in use.

[Image: aYZqCUu.png]

[Image: plKyHPJ.png]

[Image: tC990PY.png]

Could someone give me some insight on why these duplicates are being created, and how I could potentially prevent this from happening.

The strange thing is, it does NOT do this for every machine, some machines are not being duplicated (as expected).
Hi RobinDR,

can you check the FusionInventory agent 2.5.1 announcement ?

Look for the "For the ESX task" entry.

You may have to check your ESXi patch levels and use the latest agent.

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