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Assign Items to a location by switch inventory
I have the following setup:

GLPI 9.4.5
FusionInventory 9.4.0+2.4
Current Agent

The FusionInventory Agent scans the switches and see the connected clients/devices on its ports. Each port is connected to an Network Outlet with a given Location.

Is it possible to set the location of the devices by that scan? If yes: How?
For us it is not a good way to give the location as a tag in the Agents or use the Info in SNMP. The possibility to assign the location by the IP-Range is also insufficient.
I have about 3500 Computers to assign, we replace about 500 each year. It would be really helpful to get the right locations (=room) by the scan of the according Switch.
Or any other good idea to manage that?

Thanks in advance.


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