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Clarification about the discovery process
Hello people,
in the discovery task the agent sends back to the server the type of the asset (printer, network device, computer). On my discovery i get only the printers and switches.
I manually tried a discovery targeting one of my servers but it seems to not recognize it.
Which informations the agent requires to set the item as a Computer?
Otherwise half of my network goes into the assed skipped page. 
I also tried disabling the Deny all import but every time i start a discovery task but in the unmaneged device table items are create more and more, duplicates and such.

Or the only way to get my computers into the right table is to install the agent on everyone of them?

Thanks in advance.

Agent network discovery and inventory are version 4.1
GLPI 9.4.4
Hi Kidrash

in fact COMPUTER type is not supported by the fusioninventory agent netdiscovery and netinventory tasks.

For windows, you can try to use fusioninventory-agent-wmi but you need to support WMI remote access. For other systems like liiinux and MacOS, no remote inventory is possible at the moment. Some solutions will be studied soon but don't expect them to be release before months.

So the last solution, and honestly the best is to install the agent on systems.
Thank you for the answer. I will go with the installation route.

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