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running agent/web server as non root
Hi all, 

Apologies if this has been answered in previous threads, i was unable to find any occurrence of my query.

Is it possible to run the fusioninventory agent on linux based operating systems as an alternative administrator accounts rather than 'root'? 
As you can appreciate this could be a major security vulnerability and it would be good to avoid a root compromised situation with code execution. 

Try but not sure you will be able to access to all hardware information
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The purpose of the agent is still to secure the usage of dangerous commands as any command usage is strictly known. The only way to execute something not known as root throught the agent is from the server setting up a Deploy task. But you can disable this task on agent side if you want to not permit such cases.

Anyway, you can setup sudo to permit an admin to run the agent. But users generally use the agent as service.

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