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PC status bug
Hello everybody.
I ran into the problem on the previous version of the plugin, I have now updated the plugin, but the problem persists.

FusionInventory 9.5.0 + 1.0

option "Update agents not have contacted server since (in days)" (60)
Action "Change the status" "unknown"

The "cron_cleanoldagents" task is running.
Everything works great.

Periodically, I look at the list of such computers and change the status of the computer to a suitable one, for example, "under repair" or "stolen".

However, if I change the status on my own, for example to "Sent to the Moon", then after processing the job "cron_cleanoldagents" the status will still change to "Unknown".
Even if after changing the status I block the change of this element, it will still change to "Unknown".


Please check this behavior and suggest a solution to this problem.

I want the status that is manually set to take precedence over the plugin's actions.

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