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Out Of Office Inventory

in fact, I set up a GLPI/ Fusion Inventory server to manage my fleet. Off, given the currently active confined mode, I will need to collect inventories of laptops that are in cloud mode (which are not connected via VPN). In the forums, he talks about a DMZ server that will synchronize with my GLPI server.

However, I did not manage to understand how I should do it. Can you give me the steps to follow to implement this architecture?

How to collect/inject reports in GLPI?

Thank you in advance.
Hi saniba,

the agent itself can be used for such a purpose. In latest versions, there's a integrated HTTP daemon Proxy plugin you can easily enabled.

To make it clean for your setup, you have to:
- install latest agent on a server with an internet access, a dedicated server in a DMZ would be the safest
- open the firewall on internet side so your client can access you agent on a dedicated port but you also should setup the "httpd-trust" option on the agent
- you can open the firewall on the intranet side so the proxy agent can directly reach the GLPI server so it will inventory itself and push submitted remote inventory to GLPI directly. You can also just store inventory and use another process (scp from intranet and inject with injector to keep DMZ even more closed but that's overkill in my humble opinion)
- enable the Proxy plugin by copying etc/proxy-server-plugin.cfg to etc/proxy-server-plugin.local and edit proxy-server-plugin.local to set "disabled" to "no" and comment or delete the last "include" directive

But you should also change few other parameters in proxy-server-plugin.local to match your setup:
- port could be set to 80 for dedicated server
- port could also be set to 443 to use ssl port, but then you also have to enable agent HTTP daemon SSL plugin (see ssl-server-plugin.cfg configuration). I even advise you to use this plugin to make inventory transport safe
- default url base is /proxy, you can change it to something else nobody can't assume

So by default, the url to setup on your client would ne something like: http://my-proxy-server:62354/proxy
If you enable http with /inventory-1234 as base url, your server URL would be: http://my-proxy-server/inventory-1234

Read carefully comments in configuration, they explains all the config options.

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