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ibm v3700 storage inventory storwize family
ibm v3700 storage inventory storwize family

I am looking for a solution to carry out inventory of ibm storage from the storwize family.

this storage only accepts snmp traps alerts.
I can get a ssh connection with it, but not a good way to carry out an inventory of it through fusioninventory and import it into glpi.

I saw a nagios check_ibm_v7000.sh plugin that caught my attention.

but before trying to implement something I would like to know if colleagues have already taken the path of stones.
Hi mdezan,

does "ssh storage_access perl --version" changing "storage_access" by all parameter needed py ssh to run a command on your storage returns a perl version ?
If yes, maybe you can install the agent from sources. If no, maybe you can effectively develop a script based on what is doing the nagios check plugin.

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