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SNMP Model Updating
SNMP models (again)

I am trying to update existing / create new models in 0.83+1.0 beta3 and not having much luck. If I add the descriptions for our switch to an existing model and import it, I see the descriptions show up in the fusion inventory UI and in the database. If I grep for the new lines in the .dump file that is on the agent they do not show up, so the agent never detects the new model. I've deleted all the .dump files and restarted the agent, and it looks like the server just uploads the old one. How do I get the agent to recognize that the model has changed / there are new models? Is there something other than the cut-n-paste of the description fields that the discovery keys off of? Also, are the ^M characters in all the files something the regex that does the matching needs, or just an artifact of the editor the files were created from?

Oh, and where is the regex code? I searched through to see if I could figure out what it was doing, but I couldn't find it....

I am having the same problems getting the models to import with the linked fields I saw in another post, but neither fix worked for me. I'm going to try to reinstall the whole server side of the fusion inventory plugins from a git clone of master and see if that works now. Is there something else that needs to happen besides what is described in the other post?

Also, if you manually set the SNMP model, the next discovery resets it to the wrong model (it appears to pick a model to apply to all unknown devices, i suspect whatever model is either first or last on import) and there doesn't seem to be any way to "lock" the model like you can with other fields in glpi/fusioninventory.

Lastly, the UI portion of the SNMP models does not have any way to modify linked fields for existing OID's and when you try to add a new OID the linked fields don't populate into the database. Is this something that is broken in my instance or just isn't completed yet?

As a side note, it seems all of the SNMP OID's in the models for cisco switches are the OIDs in the basic cisco mib, is there really enough variance to warrant as many models as there are? There are even four or five models for some switches that are the same hardware model, I don't think Cisco changes their MIBs that much between software revisions, especially for the basic information.

I know that was a lot of questions, but I've been fighting with this for over a year trying to get a good inventory of my network equipment. Out of 35 switches (mostly 3550/3560, but a mix of other devices as well) only 4 are detected properly, and those don't inventory correctly due to the field linking problem.

Be a little more patient, snmp models tool will be soon available (few weeks)
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