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Turn yourself into wow classic gold a Rare

You can turn into a Void Wraith, a rare mob in World of Warcraft, thanks to a secret lately dug up by the Secret-Finding Discord. It's a very long chain, ending in the capability to become a giant purple bad wraith, marked on gamers' maps as a rare creature with additional rewards. You'll be hostile to both factions, and if you are able to kill several players before you're killed, you are going to reap a few rewards. Amusingly, players who kill you will receive the very same advantages as killing different rares, including currency and azerite power due to their neck pieces.

You will see a Shard of Corruption in a number of the luminous purple cracks on the floor. Looting it offers you a search to find 20 of them.

When you complete that quest, you're transformed into a Void Wraith immediately, with 4.6 million health and new abilities. To make your rewards, you will need to kill ten players of faction without dying.

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World of Warcraft has been a match ahead of its time. So much so, that its players already witnessed the effects of a pandemic more than a decade ago.

A harmful impact, called Corrupted Blood, devoting tens of cheap classic wow gold thousands of players, and abandoned lower-leveled personalities in an unavoidable death-loop. The effect, called a debuff, was a temporary illness, but one that may spread to other players when they stood close to one another, exactly like a true virus.

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