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So a few noob can not only go on and assemble space easily
I happen to RuneScape gold know from jagex's updates that the real world traders nomrally make new,noob accounts due to there origanels being prohibited or simply doing it for a living!And if they create new accounts. . .they would need to cover associates....So just have a members just shed room where the whole place is not alerted!But wait!Then it is unfair on f2p,so lets have it built in our houses!It ought to be at a fairly high level so the bots can not simply make one,this will stop almost all of them,however if you have money to buy gold,you have money for members.

That's why it's high level required!So a few noob can not only go on and assemble space easily,also to make certain autoers do not construct one,they can not make construction bots!And it'll waste ALOT of there money there suppoesed to market and they SHOULD be prohibited with in 30 days.So if you ask me its a personal drop party for you and ONLY that your friends!And gold vendor free! To reduce it down to size:High level required members just party room for your residence.

Willderness solution. Once again I use the brand new f2p account boundry against the gold sellers!As f2p can utilize volcano,and members may use the members willderness! (In english the willderness is shortened,and is just the members area and over ).This way the gold vendor is going to have to get members and so will buyer,then there large prospect of cheap RS gold revant killing dem!Or even a pker should they thus unluckey!But once more a defect,the adrounge lever!So I believe there should be level requirment to use!Say level 50+? This way they need to walk dangerously or level them selves up!

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