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What is Office.com/setup?
The latest version of Office.com/setup is named Microsoft Office 2019, though the web-based Microsoft 365 is that the version that Microsoft would favor users to adopt varied versions of the suite are around since 1988, also as however not restricted to Microsoft Office skilled, Microsoft Office Home and Student, and varied collections of MS Office 2016.

Most people still see any version of the suite as office.com/setup although, that creates distinctive among editions tough. What makes Microsoft 365 stand out from the older editions of MS Office is that it integrates all aspects of the apps with the cloud.

It’s a subscription service too, which means users pay a monthly or yearly fee to use it, and upgrades to newer versions area unit enclosed during this worth. Previous versions of Office.com/setup, also as Office 2016, didn’t provide all the cloud options that Microsoft 365 will and weren’t subscription-based.

Office.com/setup was a one-time purchase, whilst different editions were, and as Office 2019 is. Microsoft 365 Business and Business Premium includes all the Office apps also as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, and Publisher.
Thanks a lot for sharing. How about presentations in PowerPoint? I need some help.
(2021-04-27, 09:59:16)AbigailMcLeans Wrote: Thanks a lot for sharing. How about presentations in PowerPoint? I need some help.

What specifically do you need? I personally can recommend you to look for tips and tricks on different sites that you could use and in this way, you will be able to make high-quality and special PowerPoint presentations. I did so and I tell you that I have amazing results. All colleagues and teachers say that my presentations are the best. I could recommend you to start with common PowerPoint mistakes so that first you see what you need to change from what you used to do, and then look for examples of special presentations and assimilate those styles. Good luck to you!
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