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inventory collisions
We've run into a couple of cases over the last week where we are getting collisions between computers that are sending their inventory and overwriting existing computers

The first is several HP-UX systems running the agent version 2.1.9-2 that were overwriting each other based on the default Computer MAC address rule. We haven't been able to determine what is causing the collision since they are distinct physical servers and don't share mac addresses.

The second are servers that have the same short name, but different domain names serverA.something.com and serverA.somethingelse.com matching on the default Computer Name rule. The servers in question have different UUID's, IP addressees, Mac addresses, etc, one server has agent 2.1.9-3 and the other has 2.2.3-1

Our fusion inventory server is 0.83RC2

Has anyone run into this and if so, what's the recommended way to avoid these sorts of collisions?
In 0.83, in computer form, you have a tab where you can see the rules for each last inventories, so you will have the rule match for the different devices "collised" in the GLPI computer
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