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Fusion inventory 7.8 dev
I am following the instructions and have figured out most of what needs to be done however I am having issues with the agent. I point the agent back at http://myserver/glpi/plugins/fusioninventory/front/communication.php and the plugin in discovers the agent with out displaying the agent version. I generate a task and a action and I get errors "Unable to find agent to run this job"... I am running 7.8 of glpi and have last night's build of fusioninventory plugin. The agent version is 2.1.7-2 on windows.
There is again lot's of porblem on version, you try to use what function of FusionInventory? local inventory, snmp inventory, netdiscovery ?
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Any of those it doesn't really matter. All of them just say that I don't have a agent available.

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