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Migrating from OCS
Hi everyone,

I had GLPI (0.72.4) and OCS Inventory on the same Ubuntu+Apache machine.

I would like to switch from OCS to FusionInventory for GLPI (2.2.2). My first step was to remove OCS and to install the FusionInventory plugin. This seems to work, since it shows up as installed in the web interface. But I missed something. I set my test client (FusionInventory Agent on Linux) up, to contact the GLPI installation (instead of OCS), but it gets only a 404 error. There should be a virtual directory /ocsinventory, but there isn't. How can I set it up?

wait, local inventory (of computers) don't work in version 2.2.2, it's in developement for glpi0.78 but not yet ready.
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Thank you.

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