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[SOLVED] Android clients being added as Computers
I've just been quickly testing the Android client from the play store. It installs and imports OK, except it is imported as a computer, not a phone. Is this by design?

I've looked at the import rules but there doesn't seem to be anywhere to designate 'what' assets get imported as.
smartphone are like computer with the applications, so yes it's in computer. It's impossible to add it in phone because not able to manage components, applications...
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Ahh ok, I understand the logic.

I guess this is due to the current limitation of GLPI to only manage 'dumb' phones. I wonder if management of smartphones is planned for a future release, it wont be long before dumb and feature phones are completely obsolete in the workplace (they are in ours already).

Thanks again for the response! The Andriod client is working really well.

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