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fusioninventory problem
hi good day,

i got a big problem with regards to fusion inventory installed in our GLPI, it happened that the information of the computer agent did not export to GLPI as expected, hence what appears to the computer-agent's information in GLPI ( inventory > computer ) is the information of the other computer (let us say the name is "x" ), and this computer x information appears several times and it replaces a lot in the inventory tab... i need clarification what is now happening in our inventory and the steps to do to fix this kind of critical issue...

im currently running on versions:

GLPI version 0.83.6
fusioninventory version 0.83+1.0
fusioninventory deploy 0.83+1.0
fusioninventory SNMP 0.83+1.0
You are on very old version and we not support fusion 0.83+x.x
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hi sir ddurieux,

thanks for the quick response (really appreciated), and with a very straight answer, if this is the case, then i should propose to the team to divert to the new version of fusion inventory in our GLPI inventory,... however shall we start from the very beginning of doing inventory with fusioninventory? ...

i have quite similar issue. I have 4 PCs that replace each other. Im using default import rules and they works fine, i have checked them with "Test Rules" for those PCs and rules create new entities. But when data sends by fusion agent automaticaly replacement occurs.
Im using glpi version 0.84.3 and agent vesions from 2.3.5 to 2.3.8

any updates here?
mine too here some replaced other information but just countable cases... i noted it once it happens so i can figure out what particular PC occur the replacement. i dont know why that happen too.

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