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SNMP with some printers
First of all I would like to tell you that you have done really a great work for us all. THANKS A LOT!

I have last versions both of GLPI and FusionInventory plugin and agents. I am trying to import data about toner/ink level for printers but I am not actually receiving them and for one printer model i am gettin them not correct.

The printers I have are

Brother 5350DN
Brother 5250DN
Kyocera FS 4300DN

I have searched inside SNMP models and I did not find them so I left the model blank. For both brother models i am not receiving any result and for the FS4300DN i am receiving a Waste bin : 100% (always at 100% for all my printers)

Is there a way to get the correct informations? I have read that in the past you took snmp data from users to build the correct informations but the software was for linux and actually i only have Windows.

Can i do something? Thanks in advance

GLPI 0.84.5 - FusionInventory 0.84+2.2 - Agent 2.3.7 -

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