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possible glpi server contact fusioninventory agent to update inventory
hi ..

hope some one provide some information

env :

glpi server : 0.84.5 + fusioninventory 0.84+3.1

fusioninventory agent = 100 server ( linux + window ) version 2.3.8.x

i manually install fusioninventory agent on all 100 server and manually force run 1st inventory and send the inventory to glpi server . it work .

so my question ,

1. is possible glpi fusioninventory plugin contact fusioninventory agent to push latest inventory to glpi server , if yes how to do that ? do the fusioninventory agent ( meaning on all 100 server ) need run as daemon ? pls advise .

2. what is the purpose glpi fusioninventory plugin collect data module ? is this module for collecting data from fusioninventory agent to glpi server

1/ yes but agent require to be in daemon, if you not want, you can create a cron to run agent every xx hours/days

2/ collect data is used to get registry and wmi keys/values (for windows) but module in agent not yet released
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hi ddurieux

thanks for helping me .

i have scenario as below :
all the linux server install fusioninventory with running as daemon

1. can i create a task from task management ( normal ) fusioninventory plugin to push the latest inventory to GLPI server ? do fusioninvenotry plugin able to fulfill the request . if yes, which option should i tick on agent module , computer inventory [ ]
Someone say me it's possible, but never tested :p
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DCS official PARTNER: dcs.glpi@dcsit-group.com

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