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Spontaneous rewriting
Hello, i've got a problem with fusion inventory server.
There are 4 conflict computers - comp1, comp2, comp3 and comp4. Agent of first computer send inventory data to server and does record in database. After that the agent of second computer send inventory data and rewrite the record of first computer. After it the third agent rewrite inventory data of second computer, and the forth rewrite the third. Order isn't important, agent, which send his data, will rewrite the record of previous agent.
The agent in fusion inventory server rewrites too. In changes history of agent after rewriting appear record of changing device id, like this - "changed otk4-2014-08-06-13-47-07 on konstr10-2014-08-01-15-46-22".
What's interesting, this computers doesn't have any similarities. They have different names, serials, MACs, IPs ...
You may have a problem with a rule, see in tab 'import information' of computer to see last rules matched
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I've already tried to change rules, but it didn't help. Because in a information about importing there's only two records about importing of ONE computer. If the new agent rewrites previous, in a information about importing won't appear information about import of a new computer, only will be rewrite name of previous computer, as you can see at the picture below.


As i have already written, all this computers doesn't have any similarities, thats why (as i think) import rules can't help in it.
You are sure the 2 computers not have sameserial number and UUID?
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DCS official PARTNER: dcs.glpi@dcsit-group.com
I'm sure that all 4 computers have different serial numbers, UUID and others specifications.
Greetings. We've got a same problem! Is there any idea to solve?
Best wishes,
install agent 2.3.17 on one of these computer and see what happens
Agent 2.3.17 is latest???

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